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What Are Some Signs I Should See a Dentist?

According to a poll conducted by Gallup, one in three American adults do not visit the dentist every year. Failure to see the dentist can have serious dental and overall health consequences. Aside from routine dental checkups (which should occur every six months) there are several other instances that merit a visit to the dentist. In this blog post, Dr. Amy Farmer from Crossroads Dental of Longmont shares three telltale signs of when it’s time to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

You Have a Toothache or Mouth/Jaw Pain

Toothaches should be immediately checked by your dentist. Toothaches, even those that only last a day or two, can be a sign of a cavity, gum disease or other dental problems. Mouth and jaw pain should also be immediately checked by a doctor as well. Pain in the mouth or jaw can be signs of a cavity or other condition such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder (TMD).

You Have Bleeding Gums

Contrary to what some people believe, it is not normal for the gums to bleed. Bleeding, sore or puffy gums can be a sign of gum disease or another underlying dental issue. Because gum disease can lead to tooth loss and has been linked to systemic health conditions such as heart disease, it’s important to have symptoms like bleeding gums checked immediately.

You Avoid Smiling

If you find yourself avoiding smiling because you are embarrassed by the appearance of your teeth, it’s definitely time to schedule a dental appointment. Dr. Farmer offers an array of cosmetic dental treatments in Longmont to enhance patients’ smiles. Composite restorations (also known as white or tooth-colored fillings) repair damaged teeth without compromising their appearance. Porcelain veneers can conceal cracks and fractures while dental implants replace missing teeth, restoring a natural-looking and attractive appearance. Teeth whitening transforms dull and discolored teeth into bright and radiant ones; it is popular because it works quickly and painlessly.

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