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Veneers: A Versatile Cosmetic Dentistry Option

If cosmetic imperfections are holding you back from feeling confident in your smile, Dr. Amy Farmer encourages you to consider treatment with porcelain veneers. The wafer thin pieces of porcelain have the ability to change the shape, size, color or alignment of one or several teeth. Here, Dr. Farmer discusses how she uses porcelain veneers to address various cosmetic concerns.

Mask Chips or Cracks in the Enamel

Tooth enamel is strong but not impervious to chips or cracks. Veneers are an excellent way to mask slight chips or cracks in the tooth enamel. Your veneers will be carefully customized to blend in with your surrounding natural teeth for a flawless result.

Whiten Stubborn Teeth

Certain types of stains are resistant to teeth whitening treatment. If you haven’t seen the results you want from teeth whitening treatment, veneers are a great alternative. The tin shells can be placed over one or several teeth to mask discoloration and create a whiter, more beautiful smile.

Conceal Crooked Teeth

One or several crooked teeth can detract from an otherwise beautiful smile. Although porcelain veneers cannot technically fix crooked teeth, they can conceal alignment problems.

Cover Gaps

Do you have a tiny but noticeable gap between your front teeth? Instead of wearing braces or clear aligners to fix the problem, you can have Dr. Farmer place veneers to slightly widen the teeth, closing the gap.

Rejuvenate Worn Teeth

Teeth can become worn down over time, due to the natural erosion of tooth enamel or bruxism (repetitive tooth grinding or clenching). Veneers completely transform worn or dull teeth or teeth with uneven edges, giving them a radiant appearance!

Camouflage Irregularly Shaped Teeth

Are you bothered by one abnormally shaped tooth that stands out noticeably? Cover it with a porcelain veneer and enjoy a more uniform, balanced smile.

Address Multiple Concerns Simultaneously

Veneers can accomplish several things at once! If you are bothered by the color of your teeth and some small spaces, veneers can fix both simultaneously.

To learn more about the porcelain veneer placement process and whether veneers are an appropriate solution for your needs, please book a consultation with Dr. Amy Farmer. Call or email us today to make your appointment.


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