Restore Your Smile and Live with Confidence Again with Restorative Dental Services

Do you have missing or damaged teeth? Besides cosmetic concerns, tooth loss, and dental damage can cause numerous functional issues, including diminished eating and speaking ability. Compromised teeth can also cause bite alignment issues, bone loss, infections, etc. 

If you are experiencing dental issues in Longmont, Colorado, restorative dental care from Crossroads Dental can give your smile a second chance. Reclaim your smile and regain confidence by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Amy Farmer today.

Our restorative dental treatments

Although your teeth are created to last for life, injuries, decay, and regular wear and tear can take a toll on your pearly whites. When your teeth are compromised, it doesn’t mean your situation is permanent. Our office uses the treatments below to restore your smile’s function and appearance. 

  • Tooth-colored fillings: We use composite fillings to repair cavities and minor tooth damage. Our composite restorations are aesthetically appealing and correct tooth damage without leaving any signs of dental work.  
  • Dental crowns: Also known as tooth caps, dental crowns repair tooth damage that is too significant for a tooth filling. A dental crown encapsulates your entire tooth from the gum line up, to reinforce the remaining tooth structure and protect it from further damage. While dental crowns are mainly restorative, it doesn’t mean we don’t consider your aesthetics. We offer porcelain dental crowns created from life-like materials for aesthetically appealing outcomes. 
  • Ceramic inlays and onlays: Indirect fillings are used as an alternative to composite fillings. Unlike dental crowns that envelope an entire tooth, inlays, and onlays sit within a tooth and require less enamel removal. We use inlays to repair damage within the cusps of a tooth, while onlays cover one or more cusps and extend over the chewing surface.
  • Dental Bridges: Bridges use custom-made prosthetic teeth to fill a toothless gap between two healthy teeth. Our dental bridges use state-of-the-art materials to ensure your results feel and look natural.
  • Dental implants: Are you missing one or more teeth? Consider dental implants, the gold standard for teeth replacement. Designed like natural teeth, dental implants restore your oral function to nearly 100% after tooth loss.

Restorative Dentistry Near Me

Regain your oral health and confidence with advanced restorative services from Crossroads Dental. Start your smile restoration journey by dialing (970) 703-8556 to reserve an appointment with Dr. Farmer and the team.