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Not Seeing Results with OTC Teeth Whiteners? Here’s Why

There are countless OTC teeth whiteners on the shelves these days that promise to help you achieve a whiter smile after a few at-home applications. Unfortunately, these products cannot guarantee the same long-lasting results your dentist can offer. Below, Longmont, Colorado dentist Dr. Amy Farmer discusses why you should leave the OTC teeth whiteners behind and turn to your dentist for a more effective procedure.

Why You Should Avoid OTC Products

Over-the-counter products provide a wider variety of options for teeth whitening, but are not on par with the comfort, safety and effectiveness of an in-office procedure. Here are some reasons to avoid OTC products:

  • While the initial cost of OTC products is less than an office procedure, money is thrown away over time, as the whitening effects of OTC products do not last as long.
  • OTC products are generally safe when used as directed, but multiple applications can result in gum sensitivity and potential damage to teeth’s enamel.
  • Only your dentist can determine whether your mouth is in a healthy and clean enough state for any whitening procedure to be effective.

How OTC Whiteners Work

There is a wide range of whitening products available. Most of them are in the form of toothpastes, gels or whitening strips that attach to your teeth for a pre-determined amount of time. All of these products administer a much lower dose of the bleaching agent peroxide than you would receive in an in-office procedure. While the lower dose is necessary for protecting consumers from excessive mouth and gum irritation, it fails to achieve the results of professional tooth whitening. This leads customers to purchase the same products over and over again, while never obtaining the bright white smile they had hoped for.

Why Whiten at Your Dentist’s Office

Your dentist can safely administer a higher concentration of peroxide than an OTC product can offer, while making sure your gums are protected from damage and irritation. Whitening procedures work best on teeth that are free of plaque and tartar, and have had a recent professional cleaning. Professional whitening achieves immediate, noticeable results that can give you a beautiful smile that lasts for years.

Only an in-office dental procedure can provide long-lasting, noticeable teeth whitening services. To schedule an appointment with Longmont dentist Dr. Amy Farmer, call (303) 776-1480.


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