What can I expect on my first visit?
Your first visit at Crossroads Dental of Longmont is a time for us to get to know each other. We will address your specific needs and requests, take digital x-rays and photos, complete a comprehensive exam, and evaluate your tissue health. During your first visit, Dr. Farmer will also review your medical and dental history. You are more than welcome to indulge in a treat, beverage, or warm paraffin hand treatment. Once your first visit is complete, we will develop a treatment plan for your specific dental needs and requests and forward it to you for review. Upon your approval, we will then reserve appropriate times to complete your dental treatment.

Does Dr. Farmer take my insurance?
Dr. Farmer does take most insurance plans, as long as they are a PPO policy. This means that you are utilizing a plan that contributes toward your treatment so that you have a co-payment amount rather than paying all of the fees yourself. Not all plans are created equal; if you have questions about your individual policy or dental insurance company, please contact our office for information.

Why do I need dental x-rays?
X-rays are an important diagnostic tool for locating and discovering dental problems. Without x-rays, we can only see the outer surfaces of your teeth and gums. Dental decay usually starts in deep pits and fissures in the tooth or between teeth. We can identify and treat these lesions when they are small years before we would ever see them with the naked eye. X-rays also help us identify soft tissue and bone levels which help us in diagnosing and treating periodontal (gum) disease.

For those of our guests that utilize dental insurance, x-rays are required for coverage and compensation when dental procedures are completed.

Essentially, without x-rays, it would be like buying parts to fix your car without ever opening the hood. Without knowing exactly what the whole picture is (so to speak), there is too much uncertainty to effectively treat many problems. Would you have heart surgery without an x-ray? It’s the same with your teeth.

The digital x-rays in our office use close to an 80% reduction in exposure compared to traditional film x-rays. This means that, in our office, you will receive the same exposure from a full-mouth set of x-rays that you would receive from a single x-ray using traditional technology in other offices.

How does your office handle dental emergencies?
When you call our office with a dental emergency, we will fit you into our schedule on the same or next business day. If it is an after-hours or weekend emergency, call our office and listen to our voicemail message. It will give you instructions on how to reach Dr. Farmer. If Dr. Farmer is out of town, a member of our team will have already been designated to facilitate emergencies. Our team members will see you through the situation.

I am nervous about having dental treatment completed because of a bad dental experience in the past. How can your office help me with this fear?

We planned the design of our office to be as restful as as inviting as possible. We have private dental and consult suites, warm paraffin hand treatments, soft pillows and blankets, and warm moist hand towels for you to use at the end of your visit. We utilize the latest dental technology to make your appointments faster and more comfortable. We also offer nitrous and oral sedation options, if needed.

I haven’t seen a dentist in years and now I need a lot of dental work. I can’t afford to do it all at once. Can your office help me?

During your first visit to Crossroads Dental, we will collect all needed diagnostic information in order to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for you. Dr. Farmer will then phase your dental treatment needs by necessity and importance. Our team can then help you plan a course of action that will work with your lifestyle, schedule and finances. For our guests that utilize dental insurance, we will always try to maximize your benefits when completing your treatment needs.

I have always had my teeth cleaned twice a year. Now I’ve been told that I have gum disease and need to have my teeth cleaned three to four times a year. Why the sudden change?

The incidence of gum disease in the United States is extensive. Unlike most diseases that give early warning signs, gum disease progresses silently, often without pain. It may develop slowly or progress quite rapidly. More than half of people over 18 have at least the early stages of periodontal disease. Even more concerning, after the age of 35, three out of four people are affected to some degree.

Periodontal disease is caused by a bacterial infection and your body’s response to that infection. It takes 90 days for the bacteria that cause attachment loss to re-colonize a pocket around your tooth. That is why we see guests with gum disease every three to four months. We need to clean out these pockets, kill the bacteria and eliminate the bacteria’s environment to prevent more tissue and bone loss.

Where are you located?
Our office is located at the intersection of Hover Street and Highway 119 in southwest Longmont.
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If you have questions that have not been answered, please contact our office at 303.776.1480 or email info@dramyfarmer.com.